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Feature Items

  • Marin Bobcat Trail 9.4 - 2016

    Faster, faster! That’s what your inner child will scream aboard Marin’s Bobcat Trail 9.4. Its lightweight aluminum frame with trail-oriented riding position carves like… [more]

  • Redline Flight Expert XL - 2016
    Product Rating
    5.0 stars
     (1 Review)

    From the starting gate to the tape, Redline Flight Expert XL is build for speed. It features a tough yet lightweight Redline R7-aluminum frame for awesome handling and… [more]

  • Redline Flight Pro 24 - 2016

    The world melts away as you await the sound of a dropping gate. You inhale, the gate falls, you charge down the start hill aboard your Redline Flight Pro 24. As you push… [more]

  • Felt Bicycles V100 - 2016

    Felt's V100 doesn't stop when the pavement does! Light, smooth, and versatile describe the V100, with a butted aluminum frame and its chip-seal-taming carbon fork. Rack… [more]

  • Redline Proline Micro - 2016

    Every kid wants a shiny bicycle like Redline's Proline Micro. This 18-inch-wheeled ripper is equipped with a light, efficient aluminum frame and a strong chromoly fork… [more]

  • Felt Bicycles Nine 80 - 2016
    Product Rating
    5.0 stars
     (1 Review)

    Tackle rugged terrain with ease on Felt's Nine 80 29er. With Felt's light, butted-aluminum frame, a 100mm-travel Suntour fork and tough 29-inch rims wrapped in grippy… [more]

  • Norco Charger 7.1 - 2016

    Fast yet smooth, light yet tough, Norco's Charger 7.1 is ready for the dirt. Its nimble 6061-aluminum frame is paired with 100mm of travel from the Rockshox fork for a… [more]

  • Haro Blackout - 2016

    Everything about Haro's Blackout XL screams race machine, from its super-light aluminum frame with air-formed top tube to its triple-butted top and down tubes. That… [more]

  • Norco Sight A7.1 - 2016
    $4,599.00 - $4,599.99

    Norco's Sight A7.1 is pretty much the definition of a modern all-mountain bike. The super-strong aluminum frame is ready to charge, and sports a slack head angle, low… [more]

  • Norco Storm 7.1 Forma - Women's - 2016

    Norco's Storm 7.1 Forma is just the thing for riding with friends and exploring new trails. Its lightweight aluminum frame features a women-specific fit, and rides… [more]

  • Radio Dice - 2016
    $464.99 - $474.99

    Nothing about Radio Bikes' Dice is a crap shoot. With a high tensile steel frame and Radio's Rookie steel fork, you'll get an unbeatable ride quality that can take a… [more]

  • Norco Storm 7.4 - 2016

    Check out the path less traveled on the Storm 7.4. Its lightweight aluminum frame has a lively ride and is perfect for trail rides, errand running, and commuting. The SR… [more]

  • Norco Storm 7.3 - 2016

    It's all about fun when you're riding the Storm 7.3. Its lightweight aluminum frame is built tough to withstand the rigors of trail riding, errand running, and… [more]

  • Felt Bicycles 7 Sixty - 2016

    Felt's versatile 7 Sixty is an ideal hardtail for all your off-road pursuits. It sports Felt's quick-handling 6061-aluminum frame and a bump-smoothing RockShox fork with… [more]

  • Norco Valence SL Ultegra - 2015

    One ride of sweeping turns and effortless accelerations on Norco's Valence SL Ultegra will create a lasting bond between you and the road. Its feathery, high-modulus… [more]

  • Norco Search A Tiagra - 2016

    Venturing out to explore the roads, known and unknown, is standard operating procedure for Norco's Search A Tiagra. Certainly, the double-butted aluminum frame can… [more]

  • Marin Bobcat Trail 9.3 - 2016

    No excuses, just trail-cruising good times. Marin’s Bobcat Trail 9.3 delivers the style and features to make you feel right at home on the trail. You’ll settle right… [more]

  • Felt Bicycles 7 Eighty - 2016
    Product Rating
    5.0 stars
     (2 Reviews)

    Felt's 7 Eighty captures the essence of adventure that lies at the very heart of mountain biking. It boasts an efficient, quick-handling 6061-aluminum frame and a… [more]

  • Felt Bicycles Z100 - 2016
    Product Rating
    5.0 stars
     (2 Reviews)

    Excitement, speed, comfort, and maybe even a race or two are within your reach with Felt's Z100! This capable roadster boasts Felt's light, efficient, and nimble… [more]

  • Marin Wildcat Trail WFG 7.3 - Women's - 2016

    Marin’s Wildcat Trail 7.3 delivers the style and features you need to make you feel right at home on the trail. You’ll settle right into the trail-oriented,… [more]


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